So you want to know what we are all about?

Let me ask you: "Where do you come from and where are you going??"

This is an ancient question and relevant to this day. It was asked by the Angel to a pregnant servant girl who ran away because she was abused and afraid. After the Angel encouraged her to return to her home, she said these words: “I have seen the God who sees me” and called God the name Elroi – the God that sees me.

We believe God cares where you have come from and where you will be going and we want to be a part of the future He has for you.

The current schooling system has many errors and a long way to go in this beautiful country of ours, but in its strive towards a better future, it has left hundreds of thousands of people without a good enough foundation to pursue their full created potential. We want to help pick up the fallen pieces.

Small Beginnings

In our first year, we offered the first-ever online upgrading courses in South Africa for Mathematics and Science. The learners and parents praised the revolutionary approach. Many learners that worked diligently reaped the rewards of their commitment through an effective teaching medium.

We also had a campus where a few learners came regularly to access the online course and take advantage of the assistence provided. Though they’re not done yet, it seems very likely that they will increase their previous marks with 100% and the class average for Mathematics may be as good as 75%.

In 2014 we are rapidly expanding with no less than 3 campuses: Ruimsig, Midrand and Pretoria. At least 3 more teachers are joining our team and we are therefore able to offer a wide range of upgrading subjects.

Online Courses

The online courses deliver the content with digital media: video lessons and electronic exercises. This makes it possible for you to study at your own pace:

  • The videos can be paused, re-winded and re-played, without feeling like you are wasting anyone’s time or holding up your class mates.
  • The exercises generate almost infinitely many practice opportunities.

  • The course is structured in such a way to cover all the grade 10-12 content that you will encounter in the final exam.

Learners that do not keep to the deadlines get deregistered from the exam. Since the assignments can only be accessed by completing the homework with 100% correctness this requires consistent effort, discipline, diligence and motivation online.

Shape your Future

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