Grade 8 & 9 Online

Grade 8 and 9 are the last two years of Basic Education, and as such falls under the compulsory schooling phase. These phases have to be done at a registered accredited school OR may be done by a parent offering their child Home Schooling.
Elroi Academy is excited to announce that we have affiliated ourselves with a leading Home Schooling Provider with over 25 years experience to offer Grade 8 and 9: Clonard Distance Education. By taking hands with expert with experience in these phases, Elroi can focus on the phase that we are experts in!
We are therefore delighted and confident that Clonard can offer you the best services and price, with the same heart, values and dedication that we ourselves believe in!

Head over to their website for more information:

Clonard Distance Education

Tel: (+27) 031 764 6480

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