Matric Rewrites and Upgrades

Alisha Rangasamy
Alisha Rangasamy
Always had past paper to help when studying ..And had different varities of the paper.
Naledi Marokoane
Naledi Marokoane
I would like to say I had a good experience with Elori Academy it's been a good year with them and I did improve with my academics
Brooklyn Enoch
Brooklyn Enoch
Elroi Academy has helped me regain the confidence to study and rewrite my exams. It has been a comfortable and unique experience and I am grateful for the time and effort put it to help me achieve my results
Sesihle Sondishe
Sesihle Sondishe
Good school ,organized and has a good student support platform
n adams
n adams
Elroi Academy is by far the most helping institution I have delt with 5 stars for fabulous service.
Katana Soojay
Katana Soojay
Elroi Academy is a fantastic institution to complete your National Senior Certificate with. As an online student, I especially loved the support I received from the teachers and staff, either through emails or the online portal on a regular basis. The course material was easy to follow along with the assistance of summaries on each topic covered. The school is well organized and never leaves the student feeling lost or left behind. The online portal is very user friendly and consists of everything you need to complete the course material, tests and exams at home or on the move. My overall experience with Elroi Academy was exceptional. I specifically appreciated the orderly fashion in which the institution operated in. I would recommend any student looking to complete their FET Phase to do so with Elroi Academy.
Fahtima Hoosen
Fahtima Hoosen
Excellent service. Very professional and well organised.
Hannah Els
Hannah Els
I matriculated in 2022 and Elroi Academy was by far the best experience of 'high school' I had. With good and quick communication between the student and teachers or Principal. With study guides for each and every subject to help you ensure the work is done in the needed timeframe and keeps you on track with weekly emails. The Elroi Academy website is phenomenal. It is easy to understand and is perfectly categorized with your personal subjects. And when help is needed with a topic the teachers ensure to explain it to you in the best and simplest ways possible on the Q&A portal. Elroi treats you like family. Thank you Principal Pieter!
Kobie Rheeder
Kobie Rheeder
I want to thank Elroi Academy for the support during 2022. For all the emails and staying in touch with your learners. It was a great experience and you made learning so much easier.
Evan Thomas
Evan Thomas
Excellent staff, well made website. All around, Elroi Academy is a very supportive and accommodating online school.


Our name means “God sees you” and He cares about where you come from and where you are going… and so should we. With more than a decade of experience in online Matric Rewrites, no one is more able and willing to help you get on track with the purpose for your life! Our teachers and support staff are dedicated to fulfil this vision and help you kick open the doors that are hindering that!

So let’s embark with you on a journey to academic success with our comprehensive Matric Rewrite program. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your university application, explore new subject options, or improve your existing grades, the Elroi Academy Family is your trusted partner. Our program is tailored to provide a seamless and supportive online learning experience, ensuring you achieve the results you work for.

Not Convinced yet? Did you see our reviews… if that doesn’t convince you that we are your best solution, then you might not have a problem we can solve 😉

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What do you get:








Questions YES NO
Can I rewrite Matric if I failed? X
Do I have to take all my subjects again? X
Can I replace Mathematical Literacy with Mathematics? X
Can I replace Mathematics with Mathematical Literacy? X
Can I add a subject I did not have? X
Can I do a rewrite in less than one Academic year? X
Can I write Matric over more than one year? X
Can I do a rewrite with Elroi if I did Matric at a DBE school?
Can I do a rewrite with Elroi if I did Matric at an IEB school? X
Can I pay monthly? X
Can I combine my new results with my old results? X
Will I get a new certificate? X
Is the Matric that Elroi offers a valid Certificate accepted by universities? X
Can I start immediately? X
Can I do the Amended Senior Certificate if I'm older than 21? X
Can I do Matric if I'm younger than 21 and did not do Gr 11? X
Can I do this overseas? X
Do I have to be in South Africa for my final exam? X

Subjects We Offer:​

Do you offer the following subjects? YES NO
Afrikaans HL/FAL X
English HL/FAL X
IsiNdebele HL/FAL X
IsiXhosa HL/FAL X
IsiZulu HL/FAL X
Sepedi HL/FAL X
Sesotho HL/FAL X
Setswana HL/FAL X
Siswati HL/FAL X
Tshivenda HL/FAL X
Xitsonga HL/FAL X
Accounting X
Agricultural Management Practices X
Agricultural Science X
Agricultural Technology X
Business Studies X
Civil Technology X
Computer Applications Technology X
Consumer Studies X
Dance Studies X
Design Studies X
Dramatic Arts X
Economics X
Electrical Technology X
Engineering Graphics and Design X
Geography X
History X
Hospitality Studies X
Information Technology X
Life Orientation X
Life Sciences X
Mathematical Literacy X
Mathematics X
Mechanical Technology X
Music X
Physical Sciences X
Religion Studies X
Technical Mathematics X
Technical Sciences X
Technical: Civil Technology X
Technical: Electrical Technology X
Technical: Mechanical Technology X
Tourism X
Visual Arts X
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