Matric Rewrite Explained: Your Guide to Second Chances

What is a Matric Rewrite?

A Matric Rewrite offers students an opportunity to improve their National Senior Certificate (NSC) results. It’s a chance to either upgrade marks or complete outstanding subjects. It is different from a second exam opportunity offered in May/June where you just redo the final exam, because a Matric Rewrite is an opportunity to redo the whole academic year. At Elroi Academy you can even improve your year mark (called the School Based Assessment or SBA Mark) and therefore also add subjects that you did not have in Matric.

A Matric rewrite does not repeat the whole Grade 12 LEarning program but rather gives you an opportunity to only redo those subjects that you need to improve in order to improve your final certificate for whatever purposes you need it for after school.

Matric Rewrite registrations at Elroi Academy closes at the end of February, but don’t delay till then since the academic program already starts in January. To get started click here.

Requirements for a Matric Rewrite

All you need to do a Matric Rewrite with Elroi Academy is that you must have written the NSC examinations before. There are no other requirements: no minimum or maximum age; no matter how long it has been since you did Matric; or how long it takes you to complete it. 

Subjects Available for Rewrite

Elroi Academy offers a comprehensive range of subjects for Matric Rewrite, including core subjects like


Physical Sciences

Afrikaans Huistaal and Eerste Addisionele Taal,

English Home Language and First Additional Language,

Mathematical Literacy

Life Orientation

Life Sciences



Business Studies

Computer Applications Technology



Why Choose Elroi Academy for Your Rewrite?

Elroi Academy provides a structured, supportive environment for distance learners. Our seasoned educators, flexible schedules, and personalized attention set us apart, making us a prime choice for your Matric Rewrite journey. But here are the TOP 10 reasons why Elroi Academy is your best choice:


Excellent Individualized Support: Our top priority is to offer you the best support while you are upgrading your results. We do this by recognising you as an individual that needs individualized attention and support. You will get a personal demonstration session and each of your Qualified Teachers will make personal contact with you from day 1. 


Top Quality and high Integrity Assessments: We pride ourselves on the quality of our assessments, which are conducted throughout the year and will give you a very accurate assessment and expectation of what you can expect to achieve in your final results.


Top Online Distance Education Provider in South Africa: Elroi Academy was recognised in 2022 to be among the top 5, with an Academic average of 77,7%.


Experienced: Elroi Academy has been offering Online Matric Rewrites since 2013, making it the oldest Online Matric Rewrite Institution in South Africa.


Value for Money: though we are not the cheapest online education provider anymore, we are the best value for money, when it comes to the service and quality on offer


Flexibility: Not just can you work any time, you can work anywhere in South Africa, with more than 100 exam venues across the country. You can even study abroad although your final exam must be written in South Africa.


Improving your SBA Mark: Most Matric Rewrite institutions do not offer the opportunity to upgrade your SBA mark because they are not registered NSC providers, but Elroi Academy can offer you the opportunity (and we encourage it) to upgrade your SBA mark also.


Adding New Subjects: most Matric Rewrite Institutions cannot offer you the opportunity to replace subjects if you are younger than 21 because you need an SBA mark, but because we can offer you a new SBA mark, we can offer you a new subject! Replace Mathematics with Math Literacy, or Add Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences to your certificate… no problem.


Personal: Elroi Academy is not a big corporate organization: we are a family of teachers as staff that really do care about each other and our learners. We believe that God sees them (meaning of the name Elroi), and so should we!


Others think so: See our reviews on any platform and you will be convinced that we are what we promise to be.

Alternatives to Matric Rewrite

If you did not achieve your desired results in Matric, you might be considering what are you options. Let’s begin by saying: the World is your oyster! The options are limited only by your imagination, but here are some suggestions:

A Second Opportunity Exam

In May/June you are allowed to redo any of you Matric subject exams, effectively giving you a second opportunity to write the final exam. Some institutions call this a Matric Upgrade but the formal name for it is a Second Opportunity Matric. You register for this exam directly with the assessment body where you wrote you final exam with, for example the DBE, IEB or SACAI. The drawback is that you do not get to redo your SBA mark and you only have a few months to prepare. Also some assessment bodies limit the number of subjects you may do.

The Amended Senior Certificate (Adult Matric)

The Amended Senior Certificate (ASC) is an alternative qualification to the National Senior Certificate (NSC), aimed at South African adults (minimum age requirement is 21) who want to complete their matric. It offers an opportunity for individuals who did not meet the pass requirements in their initial matric exams or who wish to upgrade their matric results. It is ideal for adults in that is only a final exam to write in 6 subjects, however the drawback to that is that it is the same difficulty level exams as the NSC but without the continuous assessment program that prepares students for those final exams. It does not have a great pass rate . Additionally, the ASC might have limited subject choices compared to the NSC. Here is a comparison between the ASC and NSC.

Matric Alternatives

There are several alternative alternatives to the Senior Certificates, such as Vocational certificates and International Diplomas. A Google search will provide you with some options to consider.

Understanding Matric Pass Levels

The NSC has distinct pass levels – Bachelor’s, Diploma, and Higher Certificate. Each serves as a stepping stone to tertiary education or career development.

Bachelor’s Pass: Requires…

  • at least 40% in your home language, 
  • 50% in four other High Credit subjects, 
  • and at least 30% in two other subjects.

Diploma Pass: Requires…

  • at least 40% in your home language 
  • and 40% in three other High Credit subjects, 
  • with a minimum of 30% in three other subjects

Higher Certificate Pass:

  • Minimum of 40% in your home language and two other subjects, 
  • with a 30% in three other subjects.

With our expert advice we can help you determine which subjects to rewrite to have your best opportunity to get the best statue on your Matric Pass. 

The Level System in Matric Results

The level system (Level 1-7) indicates the standard achieved, with Level 7 being the highest, indicative of an excellent understanding of the subject matter. Each level per subject is added together for the six highest subjects (excluding Life Orientation for most universities) which corresponds to an APS (Admission Point Score), used by universities to determine eligibility for specific degrees. The higher your level in each subject, the higher your APS. For more information about APS scores, take a look at this blog post.

At Elroi Academy you can increase your individual subject marks to increase your final APS score.

Where to Apply for a Matric Rewrite

Elroi Academy is your one-stop solution for enrolling in a Matric Rewrite program, with easy online application processes.

Preparing for a Matric Rewrite

Preparation involves understanding your subject matter, creating a study schedule, and accessing the right resources, which Elroi Academy provides.

Benefits of Distance Learning for Matric Rewrite

Distance learning offers flexibility, the ability to learn at your own pace, and the convenience of studying from home, which are crucial for adult students balancing other life commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, failing is not the end. A rewrite can be your path to success.

Typically, you can rewrite as many subjects as needed.

 Elroi Academy allows for the improvement of your School-Based Assessment marks.

Yes, because Elroi is a Register Distance Education provider for the NSC we can offer subjects you have not previously taken in Matric.

Yes, Elroi Academy’s Matric Rewrites are recognized and accepted by universities because it is a normal Umalusi  National Senior Certificate.

Yes, if you improve the status of your Certificate you can combine your new marks with previous ones into one certificate with the improved status. If not, then you just get an extra certificate with the new results.

Yes, students who completed IEB exams can rewrite with Elroi Academy and combine their final marks into one National Senior Certificate.

Yes, if they did the National Senior Certificate they can rewrite with Elroi Academy regardless of their age. If they did the Senior Certificate they can do rewrites to improve subject grades but not to improve the status of the certificate because Senior Certificate cannot be combined with the National Senior Certificate. If they rewrite they will get a Senior Certificate with only the subject they wrote with Elroi Academy.

Subjects Total Price SACAI Exam Fees Minimum Registration Fee Discounts available. Up to…
1 Subject R7 360 R1 950 R930 R4 000
2 Subjects R10 695 R2 800 R1 350 R5 900
3 Subjects R14 030 R4 715 R1 875 R7 700
4 Subjects R17 375 R6 385 R2 375 R9 570
5 Subjects R20 700 R8 055 R2 875 R11 400
6 Subjects R24 075 R9 725 R3 375 R13 250
7 Subjects R27 370 R10 425 R3 780 R15 000

You can register anytime before 29 February 2024

Complete our online Online Registration Form which will give you a quote and guide you step by step through the enrollment process.

You can register yourself for free with the Department of Education for the MAtric Final Exams if you already have an SBA for that subject. Then you just have to prepare. There are loads of free resources available on the Internet including past papers and subject resource Material. Here are some excellent websites to get free resources for the NSC:

Past Papers:

Free Textbooks and Resources:

Mathematics and Physical Sciences Books and Resources: 

Yes. Elroi Academy offers Matric Rewrites online. All teaching and assessment is done online, but the Matric Final Exam is written as a SACAI Exam Venue. Here is a map to all the Venues across the Country.

No. Matric is a three year qualification starting with Grade 10. However if you are older than 21 you can register for the Amended Senior Certificate (adult Matric) before the end of January and write in May/June, effectively making it appear like you are doing Matric in 3 months. The problem with that “offer” is that the workload is still the same amount of content to study than if you did Grade 10-12 over three years, which is why most (if not all) people fail to do Matric in these few month. This is a waste of time and effort, although technically allowed.  

There is no minimum or maximum limit, but the important question again is what is the most sensible number to optimize my NSC for further studies. In most cases the answer is 3.

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For a more detailed guide on tackling a Matric Rewrite and to find out how Elroi Academy can support you on this journey, feel free to contact us at or 012 348 4575. Here’s to taking your education to the next level!
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