Understanding APS Scores, how to calculate APS score and improve it.

The matric year, as the culmination of your high school journey, plays a critical role in shaping your future. One crucial aspect of this journey is understanding how to calculate APS score. Your Admission Point Score (APS) is a converted average of your matric results, often used by South African universities to evaluate admission eligibility. Not every student is familiar with the importance of an APS score and the process of its calculation. This article aims to elucidate what an APS score is, how to calculate it, and how a matric rewrite at Elroi Academy can boost your APS score, opening doors to a brighter future.

APS – The Key to Your University Admission

The APS system is a convenient and efficient method used by universities in South Africa to determine whether a prospective student qualifies for a specific course or not. However, note that not all subjects contribute to your APS. For instance, despite being a compulsory subject in matric, Life Orientation generally doesn’t factor into the APS calculation at most universities.

How to Calculate APS Score

Calculating your APS is straightforward. The APS score reflects your average matric results, converted into a point system ranging from 1 to 7 based on your results. Here is the APS point allocation:

A+ (80% – 100%) = 7 points
A (70%-79% = 6 points
B (60% – 69%) = 5 points
C (50% – 59%) = 4 points
D (40% – 49%) = 3 points
E (30% – 39%) = 2 points
F (0% – 29%) = 1 point
The added total of these points, excluding Life Orientation, is your APS.

Is Your APS Score Good Enough?

Once you understand how to calculate APS score, you might ask, “What is a good APS score?” or “What can I study with an APS score of 17 or 27?” The answer depends on the type of tertiary education you’re aiming for. APS requirements vary based on whether you’re aiming for a Bachelor’s Degree, a Diploma, a Higher Certificate, or a National Senior Certificate.

A Bachelor’s Degree pass, the highest level matric pass, typically requires an APS of at least 23. Therefore, an APS of 27 is quite competitive. Conversely, a Diploma Pass requires an APS of at least 19, making it a viable option for many students. If you have an APS score of 17, a Higher Certificate pass (which requires an APS of 15) could be your best path forward. Lastly, to pass your matric year and earn a National Senior Certificate, you’ll need an APS of at least 14.

Boost Your APS Score with a Matric Rewrite at Elroi Academy

Understanding how to calculate APS score is just the first step. Sometimes, you may not be content with your current APS. This is where a matric rewrite comes into play. At Elroi Academy, we understand the importance of improving your APS score for better opportunities in your academic journey. A matric rewrite gives you the chance to enhance your grades, improve your APS score, and expand your options for future studies. With dedicated support from our skilled educators, you’ll be better positioned to achieve your academic goals and aspirations.

In conclusion, knowing how to calculate APS score and understanding its significance can play a critical role in shaping your academic and career paths. Education is the key to a brighter future, and at Elroi Academy, we’re committed to unlocking that potential.

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  1. Hie I didn’t finish my matric because of the challenges I was facing I’m interested to write my matric please help me

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    Hi I did my Metric but I have lower points I need to do Teaching and I want to start by Re-Written Only 5 Subjects

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