Tutor Support Centres

A Tutor Support Centre is a provider, independent from Elroi, that assists distance learners with the content, but also with the structure, motivation and other means of support. 

Learners making use of a good tutor perform better and for that reason, we offer a significant discount to learners making use of tutors to encourage and support the practice.

Find a Tutor Support Centre

Elroi Academy is a Distance Learning Services Provider, and except for our excellent online support most of the work is done as self-study. Tutor Support Centres are independent institutions that are familiar with the distance education and homeschooling sector and their experienced staff provide the much needed personal touch to a young person’s studies.
A tutor support centre is an institution that offers a learner personal, administrative and academic support while the learner is attempting to earn a National Senior Certificate through a distance education provider, registered with an accredited assessment body. If a tutor support centres is not a registered independent school, it may not have compulsory attendance, nor may it have any part in the School-Based Assessment Program, including setting and marking formal assessments. Such Tutor support centres may not enrol learners for any grade R to 12 and may not issue promotion reports for the National Senior Certificate. They simply provide tuition support.
On average Elroi students assisted with such support do better than those struggling to achieve by themselves. We therefore encourage students to make use of support services, by offering a significant discount if you make use of such a tutor service. ​
Fill in the details on the form, for us to find you a tutor support centre in your area and get you a quote.
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