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In South Africa, Mathematics is a compulsory subject for students in the Further Education and Training (FET) phase of high school (Grades 10-12). Though students can choose between Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy when making their subject selection in Grade 9. These selections are some of the most important decisions a student needs to make as they can set the course of their entire future.

While many believe that Math Literacy is a useless subject that severely limits your opportunities, this is a misconception. As there are many options for careers with Math Literacy some of which can be quite lucrative.

That is why we decided to write this article to take a look at Math Literacy. We will look at what is covered in the subject and some of the careers that can be pursued after you complete matric with Math Literacy. We hope this will clear up the misconceptions regarding it and help you make an informed decision regarding your subject choices.

What is Math Literacy?

Math literacy is designed to enable students to competently work with numbers in their everyday lives. It focuses more on conventional real-world problems than the abstract theories and concepts dealt with in standard Mathematics. Topics covered in Math Literacy include measurement, budgeting, interest calculations, probability and more real-world mathematical applications. This does make Math Literacy easier to pass than standard Mathematics, while still equipping students with the skills they will need in their everyday life.

Careers you can pursue with Math Literacy

Now that we have a better understanding of what Math Literacy is and how it compares to standard Mathematics. We can take a look at some of the available careers with Math Literacy.

Human resource management

One of the highest-paying available careers with Math Literacy is human resource management. A human resource manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of a company’s employment practices and employee relations. This includes talent recruitment, mediation of employee conflict, payroll management and more. This is a fantastic career for those that enjoy working with people in a professional setting. There are numerous human resource management qualifications available to begin your career including bachelor and diploma programmes. All of these can be attended with Math Literacy.


While becoming a doctor or pharmacist is not possible, nursing is one of the available careers with Math Literacy in the field of medicine. Nurses are often the very backbone of any medical practice, caring for patients under the supervision of doctors. They are often responsible for performing minor medical procedures and administering medication to patients. While this career is not as glamorous as a doctor it is an ideal choice for those who want a career that helps people. To begin your career as a nurse you will need to complete a qualification that is accredited by the South African Nursing Council (SANC). These qualification options include a 4-year bachelor’s degree, a diploma, or a higher certificate in nursing, each of which can be enrolled in with Math Literacy.


Becoming a lawyer is another of the available careers with Math Literacy and is another lucrative option. Broadly speaking a lawyer is an individual who practices law, however, there are many fields of law and different types of lawyers, These include environmental lawyers, civil litigation, intellectual property lawyers and more. No matter what type of lawyer you want to be you will require an LLB degree. These can be obtained through universities like the university of Pretoria which accepts Math Literacy for this type of qualification. The LLB programme is at least four years long and upon completion, you will need to complete two years as a candidate attorney before you are a qualified lawyer. A career as a lawyer can be exciting, challenging, and fulfilling as you can help people in dire situations.

Graphic designer

If you are more creative then a career in graphic design may be right for you. Graphic designers use a variety of design elements to create artistic and decorative effects while communicating ideas to the audience. They are responsible for the layout and production design of many things. These include brochures, advertisements, magazines, logos and more. They often work across a variety of media including print and digital media. This is the ideal career for those who want to use their creative talents to make a living. To become a graphic designer you will need a bachelor of arts degree in graphic design or a diploma, all of which can be completed with Math Literacy.


As we have seen there are many available careers with Math Literacy, and there are many more that we haven’t mentioned here. This goes to show that Math Literacy isn’t a useless subject as many people claim. Math Literacy is a viable option, especially for those students who struggle with standard Mathematics, and want to pursue a more creative career. We hope this article has shown you some of the options available to you and helped you to make an informed decision regarding your subject choices. Allowing you to better plan your future and achieve your dreams without hesitation or fear.

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  1. Thak you in helping me to make a better decision I think I am going to do nursing because one I thought obout doing it ,now I have my reason why🏥

  2. Thank you very much for this article it helps a lot and I hope many peace would be able to reach out to this article. I highly recommend.

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