Extended Exam Opportunity vs Matric Rewrite

Knowing the difference between the extended exam opportunity and a matric rewrite can help you make an informed decision when choosing what option best suits your needs…

The Second Exam Opportunity is a second chance you get to write the final exam to improve your final mark. It was previously known as the supplementary exam but has now opened up to everyone that wants to have a second opportunity to write the final exam.

This exam is written in May and June each year.

To qualify in order to write this exam, all you need is a SACAI School Based Assessment Mark in the subject you wish to rewrite.

For a Matric Rewrites (or Upgrade) is for anyone that has done Matric and want to redo one or more subjects, for the year to improve the final mark, or to add a subject you did not have in Matric.

Matric Rewriters writes the exact same exam as the current year Matrics in October and November.

To qualify for a Matric Rewrite (or Upgrade) you just need to have a Matric Mark Statement from any of the assessment bodies, or an Umalusi NSC Certificate.

Elroi Academy has been offering Matric Rewrites Online since 2013. We are a registered Distance Education Provider with SACAI, which means we can let you redo your School Based Assessment, and register you for the SACAI final exams. If you fail to get the marks you want or need you can then always take SACAI’s second exam opportunity in May/June, the following year.

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