How to check matric results online 2022 with ID number

Matric is one of the most important years in a student’s education. This is because the results obtained in the matric exams will determine if a student is able to pursue their dream career or not. As many careers require tertiary education and admittance to a tertiary education institution is dependent on the marks obtained in matric.

With so much riding on a student’s matric results, it is no wonder that every student is eager to see how they did. That is why we decided to write this article to take a look at when the results will be available, the different exam results and how to check matric results online 2022 with ID number. To assist students in learning their results as quickly as possible so they can begin planning their future.


Before we can look at how to check matric results online 2022 with ID we need to look at the two types of matric exams written in South Africa. These are the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Independent Examinations Board (IEB) Matric exams. The NSC exams are set and administered by the Department of Basic Education (DBE) and all students enrolled in public schools write these exams. While the IEB exams are set by an independent board and these exams are written by students of most private schools. While both exams result in a matric certificate issued by Umalusi the IEB exams are held in higher esteem. This is because they maintain a high standard that is in line with international education standards.

When will the matric results be available?

Finally, before we get to how to check matric results online 2022 with ID we need to know when the results will be available. The final matric exam session of 2022 took place on the 7th of December. Since then the DBE and IEB have been working to get all the matric exam papers marked and ready to release the results. Thanks to the tireless efforts of their staff the DBE has announced that the 2022 NSC examination results will be released on 20 January 2023. SACAI and the IEB results are set to be released on 18 January 2023 with the closing date for remark applications being on 27 January 2023. Should you find your results are unavailable after these dates it could be due to technical difficulties.

Getting your results

Now that we know when the matric results will be available the next question is how you get them. The answer to this question will also depend on which exams you wrote, namely IEB or NSC.


If you wrote the NSC matric examinations to check your results online follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Department of Basic Education website, to their matric results portal here
  2. Enter your Matric Examination Number in the required field
  3. Enter your personal details as required
  4. Press on search
  5. Your results will be displayed


If you wrote the NSC matric examinations to check your results online follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Candidate Number and ID Number in the required field.
  3. Click on Sign In
  4. Your results will be displayed


If you wrote the IEB matric examinations to check your results online follow these steps:

  1. Go to the IEB website results page here
  2. Enter your Exam number and Date of birth in the required fields
  3. Click submit to access your results

What is next?

Now that you know how to check matric results online 2022 with ID you may be wondering what to do once you have your results. Well, firstly it is important to go collect your matric certificate from your high school. The school will usually let you know once it is available for collection. To collect your certificate you will need your ID as the DBE has said that students cannot receive their matric certificates without their IDs. Once you have your certificate you can use it to pursue your dreams, either by applying to a tertiary education institution or directly for your first job.

However, if you did not get the results you need to get access to tertiary education you need not worry at all. You can upgrade your matric results online  with Elroi Academy. This will enable you to get a new NSC with your new marks after rewriting some subjects. This is fully accepted by universities in South Africa.


These are the methods available to students to get their matric results including how to upgrade your Matric Marks. We hope this information has proved helpful to any students waiting for their matric results. As we can imagine, you might be quite stressed awaiting their results. We wish you the best of luck and hope your results are exactly what you hope for. Allowing you to pursue your dreams and ambitions, and to begin building the life you have always wanted.

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135 thoughts on “How to check matric results online 2022 with ID number”

        1. I am keitumetse Sarah ngo I would like to check my 2020 matric results my id number is 0201050658081

          1. Can I check my results metric if it’s possible I can’t remember exam number, ID

        2. Brandon Pretorius

          I urgently require my matric. Certificate can’t remember student no can I get it with I’d no

          1. I want to check my may/june results i forgot my student number but my ID number is 0201045541087


        1. I wrote matric subjects 2007 wanna check results for it but I don’t remember my exam no. Can u guys help me

      1. Zanele Makhunga

        How to renew my matric certificate for 2022 because I used it to register for matric in 2023 so I didn’t get my matric certificate back so how can I get it


    1. Hey it’s me Queen Khoza as deaf and I was done wrote subjects of mathematics, geography and life sciences from may / June this year

    2. Adri ndondo mnisi

      I wanna check that I have matric certificate because I went back to previous school to check if my certicate is there but they can’t find it so they send to Pretoria department of education.

    3. Dikeledi kedibone

      looking for my statements result but i forget my exam number i have never receive my result in june2022

  1. firdaus hartley

    good day. my name is Firdaus Hartley id number of 7407170125082.
    i would lie to get a copy of my matric results, unfortunately i hade a flood and my whole home was washed away, lost everything in the there a way how i can retrieve my results please.

  2. Hi I need help I want to check my exam results 2015 I don’t have exam number ID number 9201156426087

  3. Hi my name is Treven Pillay I’m looking for my matric results for the year 2004
    My ID no is 8605255079087

  4. Khethabanhle Nkosi

    Hi. I’m khethabanhle Nkosi i wanna check my matric results i did a matric rewrite 2021, i don’t know my examination number, ID 9406280646084 can you please help?

  5. My name is Zoleka Mathentombi my NSC caught fire where we were staying I wrote it in 1997 I don’t have any copy now I wrote it in Centurion College in Tshwane my I’d number is 7603050717085

  6. I wrote my NSC in 1997 at Centurion College in Tshwane by then all my certificate caught fire where we use to stay I don’t have any copy with me

  7. Im lehlogonolo, I paid for matric replacement, and don’t remember my exam number so I needed to check with my ID I also have proof of payment

  8. Tumisang Leonard

    My name is Bonokwane Leonard,my exam number is 932045230016
    My exam centre B 9323045 HUHUDI SECONDARY SCHOOL

  9. Mpho David Mokwena

    Hi Sir/madam I have lost my matric results of 2000 so now I want to continue with my matric. How do I get lost results

  10. Nkosinathi mokwena

    Can I please check my matric results 2017 I had to rewrite my other subjects but didn’t get results

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