How to Ensure You Do Your SACAI Matric Rewrites Through a Reputable Institution

Matric rewrites can be intimidating, not to mention seemingly complex to navigate. There are many unlicensed institutions out there that claim that they can facilitate Matric rewrites for you, or maybe even help you get good marks without you having to put in any extra work. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Trying to separate and distinguish these institutions from credible and legitimate organisations is not hard, however. If, for example, a school or academy claims that they are accredited by or affiliated with an assessment body like SACAI or IEB, then you can contact those assessment bodies directly to confirm that the education provider that is promising to assist you with Matric rewrites is indeed a reputable and credible institution. In the article below, we explain one of the assessment bodies in more detail and provide information on why it is important for students who are considering rewriting their Matric exams to study through a SACAI establishment.

What is SACAI and what role does it play in Matric rewrites?

SACAI (South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute) is an UMALUSI-accredited assessment body for the NSC (National Senior Certificate) that specifically deals with the domain of distance learning and education. In addition to the NSC, they oversee GETC: ABET (General Education and Training Certificate: Adult Basic Education and Training), which is not covered here. While SACAI is a non-profit private assessment body, they are fully compliant with the NQF’s (National Qualifications Framework) guidelines, which places them on equal footing with assessment bodies, like the Department of Basic Education and the Independent Examinations Board. UMALUSI, which was mentioned earlier, is the organisational entity responsible for NSC certification and verification, as well as the accreditation of assessment bodies (a process overseen by the Minister of Basic Education).

If you are considering registering for Matric rewrites directly with the DBE, you are not able to write it through SACAI or IEB as you have to work through an education provider registered with them. Therefore, make sure that you enroll with an education provider that is registered with one of the nationally-recognised assessment bodies, which will ensure that you receive correct and up-to-date curriculum information and assistance.

Is Elroi Academy a registered school?

Elroi Academy is not a school in the traditional sense. While we do provide learners with assessment and learning materials, we are officially empowered to do so by SACAI. Elroi Academy is registered as a Distance Education Provider through SACAI, which signifies that we serve as both an assessment and curriculum provider for the National Senior Certificate (Grade 10 – 12). We thus give students the resources they need to succeed when they rewrite their exams (for which Elroi Academy will register them with SACAI).

If you want to verify that we are a SACAI-registered institution, visit our page by clicking here. For more information about Elroi and how we can support you in preparing for your Matric rewrites, contact us today.

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5 thoughts on “How to Ensure You Do Your SACAI Matric Rewrites Through a Reputable Institution”

  1. Good day
    I failed maths, physics and life science in my finals last year for matric and I want to rewrite them and I wanted to know if it is possible, I have sent emails to sacai and they have not gotten back to me so would you be able to help?

    1. My son has failed some of the subjects in 2022 exam, he wants to rewrite. Can you please assist, he was referred to a portal however the link does not take him to get the online application forms
      Can you please assist

  2. My son is writing his matric now if he fails where can he rewrite it again hes with sacai,and price please

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