Statement of Matric Results

Statement of Matric Results are official documents you receive once you finish writing your matric exams, you have done everything in your power to achieve the best results possible for your matric. All that is left to do is wait for your results to be released. This can be a stressful time for students as they await news that will greatly affect their futures. 

With matric exams being written between October and December, results are usually available during January. While there are many avenues available to get your results like on the Department of Basic Education (DBE) website, in newspapers, by sms, by USSD code, or by signing up with MatricsMate. There is another less discussed option which is the statement of matric results.

That is why we decided to write this article to take a look at what a statement of results is and where you can get it. We will also look at what you can do with your statement of results and how it differs from your matric certificate.

What is a statement of matric results

The statement of matric results is an official document that contains your final results after your matric examinations. This is the first official document you can obtain that proves what marks you obtained in your National Senior Certificate (NSC). It is intended as a temporary document that can be used to apply for employment and/or further education.

Where to get your statement of results

Your statement of matric results will be available a few days after the matric results are released. You can collect it from your high school, college or Examination Venue where you wrote your final exams. There is no charge to collect it as it is freely provided to each student.

Understanding your results

The statement of matric results provides you with a clear breakdown of your results. This allows you to easily see which of the three matric passes you were able to achieve. These three types of matric passes are as follows:

Higher Certificate Pass

This is the minimum requirement to pass matric. With a higher certificate pass, you will be able to access certificate courses at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges, trade schools, and in-house training in a wide range of industries. This is also the minimum qualification required for many jobs in South Africa. To obtain a higher certificate pass you will need the following marks:

  • 40% or more in your home language subject
  • 40% or more for two other subjects not including your home language subject
  • 30% in three other subjects
  • Full evidence in the school based assessment (SBA) component in the subjects offered

Diploma pass

A Diploma pass allows recipients to attend National Diploma courses at Universities of Technology, TVET colleges and distance learning institutions To obtain a diploma pass you will need the following marks:

  • 40% or more in your home language subject
  • 40% or more in three other subjects not including your home language subject
  • 30% or more in your remaining three subjects

Bachelor pass

If you aspire to study a degree at a university you will need a bachelor pass. It is important to keep in mind that each University decides its own admission requirements for each of its courses. Therefore, it is important to check the course requirements for the University you want to attend. To obtain a bachelor’s pass you will need the following marks:

  • 40% or more in your home language subject
  • 50% or more in at least four of your subjects, these can include your home language subject
  • 30% or more for your remaining subject(s)

What you must do with your statement of matric results

Once you have obtained your statement of matric results it is important to ensure that all the personal information on the document is accurate. This is because your matric certificate is issued with the same personal information that is printed on your statement of results. Therefore, if you notice any mistakes or inaccuracies in your personal information you should immediately bring it to your NSC provider’s attention. This will allow them to have your personal information corrected before the certificate is issued. This is important as changing personal information on a certificate is not always possible.

Difference between a matric certificate and a statement of results

While your statement of matric results is an official document that shows you passed your matric, it is not your matric certificate. It is a temporary document allowing graduates to apply for employment and further education opportunities. It will be replaced by the matric certificate once that is received. The official matric certificate is issued by Umalusi and is usually done after the re-marking and re-checking processes are completed. The certificate is usually only sent from about May the following year, but could be as late as September.

What to do if you are not happy with your results

If you are not happy with your matric results you can rewrite some of your subjects. This can be done at Elroi Academy, whereafter you will be issued with a brand new national senior certificate which you can use to apply at university.

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