The 5 best private schools in Johannesburg

A good education is one of the most important things you need to provide for your children. This is why one of the hardest decisions a parent can make is what school their child should attend. As this can greatly affect the quality of education they receive.

This is why many parents decide to send their children to private schools in Johannesburg. Despite the tuition fees which can range from R90 000 – R200 000 per year depending on school and grade. That is why we decided to write this article to take a look at the benefits of private schools, and some of the best private schools in Johannesburg. To help parents choose the best educational institution for their children.

Benefits of private schools

There are a number of benefits for students attending private schools, These include the following:

  • Smaller classes: Private schools have smaller class sizes than public schools. This allows each student to get more individualized attention from the teacher which improves the quality of education they receive
  • Teachers: Teachers at private schools are usually better paid than their public school peers. This attracts the best teachers to private schools, ensuring your child is taught by qualified professionals.
  • Extracurricular activities: Private schools offer many extracurricular activities that help to produce well-rounded students.

With so many benefits it is a good thing that most private schools offer a monthly payment plan for their tuition fees as these benefits make it worth spending the money. To gain all these benefits the best age for a child to start private school is 5 turning 6 as they begin their schooling.

Best private schools in Johannesburg

Now that we have seen the many benefits for students that private schools afford. We can take a look at some of the best private schools in Johannesburg.

Redhill School

Easily one of the best private schools in Johannesburg, Redhill school is an English medium non-denominational school located in Sandton. With over 110 years of experience, they have been among the best-performing schools in Johannesburg for over 30 years with a 100% matric pass rate throughout this period. This is attributed by the school to their frequent staff workshops, and a low student-to-teacher ratio that ensures each student receives the attention they need. It is a co-educational school that provides education from the pre-preparatory phase till matric. The school encourages staff and students to seek a balance between academic and personal pursuits. To help this the school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities with their drama and dance departments being especially good. The school also has an aftercare and holiday care program for younger students. With so much to offer it is easy to see why Redhill school is the first on our list.

Brescia House School

Situated in the heart of Bryanston, Brescia House School is one of the best all-girl private schools in Johannesburg. First opening in 1966 it is an independent catholic school offering Grades R – 12. Over the years the school has earned a reputation for developing outstanding young girls who have benefited from a well-rounded and balanced education and are able to make meaningful contributions to society.  They are committed to educating young women in a way that fosters visions, hopes and dreams in the students. Their 2021 matrics were able to achieve an average of 3.8 distinctions per student, which is especially impressive.

St David’s Marist Inanda

St David’s is one of the best all-boys private schools in Johannesburg. It opened its doors in 1941 in Sandton and has grown since then presently totalling over 1300 students. The school follows the Catholic Marist ethos attempting to instil the values of humility, simplicity and modesty in their students. The school offers education from Grades R-12 and offers weekly boarding facilities for up to 41 students. Their teachers strive to provide a challenging learning environment that enables students from diverse backgrounds to develop their talents and realise their full potential. This school also offers a range of diverse and inclusive sporting and cultural activities to help students develop into well-rounded individuals.

Charterhouse School

One of the best private schools in Johannesburg for grades R-7 is Charterhouse School. The school was founded in Roodepoort in 1976 and prides itself on being an independent school of the finest tradition. They strive to create a calm and focused learning environment with small classes to give their students a strong educational foundation. The core values of the school are pride, respect, opportunities, success, perseverance, enthusiasm and responsibility. These values ensure that their students are prepared to face the challenges that life may place before them. While this is the only school on our list that offers only primary schooling its fantastic educational environment has earned its place on the list.

Elroi Academy

While all of these private schools in Johannesburg provide high-quality education, they are not always accessible. That is why an institution worth mentioning is Elroi Academy which was established in 2013. Elroi Academy is a distance learning education provider that is registered with the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI). They provide a fully online curriculum and high-quality assessments for Grades 10-12. They focus on the individual needs of their students to ensure that they receive all the assistance and support they need to succeed. The online curriculum is easily accessible no matter where you are, allowing students to work through the curriculum at their own pace. They also employ professional teachers who are available to help students with any topic they may be struggling with.  Elroi Academy was awarded as one of the top 5 Education Providers for the NSC with SACAI in 2022. While not technically a school Elroi Academy offers a modern alternative to obtain your Matric while supporting every student to the best of their abilities.


To ensure your child receives a high-quality education the best option is private schools. As we have seen they provide a vast array of benefits to their students. We hope this list of our picks for the best private schools in Johannesburg helps you to find the perfect school for your child. To allow them to realise their potential and make their dreams come true.

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