What You Should Know About the National Senior Certificate for Adults

There is more to Matric than just an accumulation of twelve years of schooling and a certificate to prove you have completed your learning journey. The National Senior Certificate can open doors for many people and can serve as the gateway to a better future for young and old alike. Though it may seem like a simple piece of paper, the National Senior Certificate allows entry into avenues of further education as well as more job options.

The National Senior Certificate is a three-year qualification, known to most people as Grade 10, 11 and Matric. Like any other qualification, the National Senior Certificate requires a full-time commitment, even if you are only doing it part-time (and especially if you are redoing only your matric year). The decision to redo your Matric or to enrol for the NSC for the first time will be one of the most important decisions you can make in your life, as it has the potential to affect so many aspects of it thereafter. This article considers what the NSC offers adults, including better employment opportunities and improved university prospects.

How the National Senior Certificate Can Help Adults Get Better Jobs

Like any qualification, the NSC can improve your career prospects. The most immediate difference is that many jobs have Matric as one of their first hiring requirements. Simply having your Matric thus gives you immediate access to these employment opportunities. Of course, you would still need to compete with the other candidates who apply for the same position, but you are already lightyears ahead of those who do not have their Matric. One of the reasons for this is that your NSC teaches you certain essential skills to help you navigate life and employers will want you to possess a good understanding of that knowledge to ensure you can thrive in a work environment and contribute meaningfully to the company that hires you.

The other important factor is gaining university admission. Very few universities or training institutions will accept your application to study one of their qualifications if you do not have a Matric. This is because you gain fundamental knowledge and skills at Matric level upon which tertiary programmes expand. It’s simpler and more efficient to have Matric as a requirement. With both a university degree and the NSC, your employment prospects improve by a significant margin.

These are the Requirements

The NSC is a three-year qualification – Grade 10, 11 and 12 with seven subjects. If you have completed Grade 10 or 11 already, you can enrol for the subsequent year. For adults (people over the age of 21), there is another option, which is to register for the Amended Senior Certificate where you only need a basic education (Grade 9) to qualify. It is only six subjects, and does not involve any continuous assessment, only a final exam.

Elroi Academy primarily recommends the National Senior Certificate, even for adults, for which we register candidates with an accredited assessment body, SACAI. The ASC, though a simple and affordable option, lacks continuous assessments that produce an external motivation, continuous feedback and really makes the success rate for this qualification very low. For the ASC, Elroi Academy offers online course content and support, but you register yourself for this exam directly with the DBE.

Elroi Academy is a reputable online distance learning provider that will support you regardless of which option you select with the intent of completing your Matric. We offer accessible and detailed resources, such as video lectures, online notes, and electronic exercises that are automatically graded with the aim of supporting you while you prepare to take your exams. Contact us if you are motivated to build your bright future.

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