Where to Rewrite Your Matric Online

Everybody deserves a second chance. If you have failed matric, or if you did not get the marks you want, it is not the end. In fact, it gives you the rare opportunity to rewrite your matric exams and get the marks you have always hoped to achieve! This is a second chance that Grade 12 learners can easily take advantage of when needed. If you want to rewrite your matric online with Elroi Academy, an established distance learning education provider, you may have a few questions.

How Elroi Academy Assists You with Your Online Matric Rewrite

First and foremost, Elroi Academy helps you by preparing you for any rewrites you may wish to undertake. This includes providing extensive online courses with supplementary multimedia, as well as continuous online support and assessments. We do everything we can to help you succeed!

The two primary reasons for final exam rewrites are either failing an exam or not being able to complete exams due to unforeseen circumstances. All hope is not lost, as you can simply apply to redo your exams (or the whole year, if you so prefer). You don’t even have to redo all your subjects (although you can), but you can simply re-enrol for the subjects you wish to redo allowing you to focus on those subjects for which you may need additional study time and added support. You can even enrol for a subject you did not take previously, although the process is slightly different both in an administrative sense and an academic sense. Keep in mind that choosing a subject with which you are unfamiliar may mean you have to study harder to complete the exam successfully.

Here is a list of matric subjects you can rewrite online through Elroi Academy:

· Afrikaans Home Language and First Additional Language

· English Home Language and First Additional Language

· Accounting

· Business Studies

· History

· Computer Application Technology

· Geography

· Life Orientation

· Life Sciences

· Mathematics

· Mathematical Literacy

· Physical Sciences

· Tourism

How Does it Work?

The first order of business is to register and enrol for a rewrite online with us. You will receive an approximate quote before you complete your registration, so you don’t have to worry about any surprises when your first bill is due. Once you are registered and have made the first payment, you will have access to everything Elroi Academy has to offer. We will even register you for a rewrite with SACAI, so studying for the rewrite should be your only concern.

Once completed, you will be issued with a marks statement for every subject you rewrote, as well as a new UMALUSI certificate for all subjects passed. You can also apply to combine your revised marks with your existing National Senior Certificate. You can then use your revised marks statement in conjunction with your existing marks to enroll for university degrees and apply for scholarships, bursaries, and internships.

Elroi Academy has been in the business of offering an online high school, matric rewrites and providing curricula and assessments since 2013. Due to our success as a distance learning provider, we have expanded our services to include Grades 10 and 11 and offer our well-known, quality assessments to other centres for purchase. If you are seeking an esteemed and reliable expert service provider to complete your schooling, then read more about our online matric rewriting options by clicking here.

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