Yes, You Can Do Your Matric Online!

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can do a lot more online than we first thought. This is especially good news for learners who are interested in doing their matric online because it gives them the opportunity to finish school or attain better marks without having to attend a physical establishment (like a high school) every day. There are even options for adults (people over the age of 21) who want to do their matric online, which ensures that nobody is excluded. This article explains how the process works and what you can expect from us at Elroi Academy.

How to Do Your Matric Online

There are two paths to studying for your matric online, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. The first path is the National Senior Certificate, which is a complete three-year qualification and requires strong commitment from people who wish to pursue it. It is open to those who want to redo their Grade 12 (if they did so after 2007) and those who want to finish their matric after not completing their Grade 12 year. You can either register for the full three years (if you have obtained Grade 9), or you can register exclusively for the final year (Grade 12) if you have completed both Grade 10 and 11. Both full-time (learners who want to enroll for matric online for the first time) and part-time (those who want to redo their matric online) options are available. Another major benefit is that Elroi Academy can assist with SACAI registration, which means you only need to focus on studying for and writing the exams and leave the rest to us.

The second path is the Amended Senior Certificate. This is the matric certificate for adults, including persons who are over the age of 21. There are a few factors that set the Amended Senior Certificate apart from the National Senior Certificate, even though they both carry equal validity and are issued by UMALUSI. The main difference is that the Amended Senior Certificate is only structured around a final exam with 6 subjects, while the National Senior Certificate covers the full three-year qualification (and 7 subjects in total). The other difference is that the Amended Senior Certificate is only open to persons over the age of 21 who have obtained their basic education (Grade 9). These two qualifications cover the same content and have the exact same difficulty level, which often means that the success rate for the Amended Senior Certificate is poorer than the National Senior Certificate. Unfortunately, Elroi Academy cannot assist with administrative matters for the Amended Senior Certificate, so candidates will have to register with the Department of Basic Education. We can still assist you in preparation for your examinations, which you can read more about below.

The Benefits of Doing Your Matric Online with Elroi Academy

There are many benefits to choosing Elroi Academy to help you complete your National Senior Certificate or Amended Senior Certificate. We offer fully online courses to equip you with every possible advantage to help you prepare for your coming exams. We also provide you with consistent online support, online assessments, and self-grading exercises to ensure that you are in top shape for exam day. All you need to do is to enroll.

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