You Can Get Your Matric Through Distance Learning

Distance learning is becoming an increasingly popular means of studying. It is not new to the academic scene in South Africa, but it did see a surge in popularity and dispensation during the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns, which saw many schools closing for extended periods forcing students to learn from home. The biggest advantage of this method of tuition is that it can be done in a learner’s own time (or at least the time allotted to the learner by a parent or tutor) while still being accepted as a legitimate form of education. This is highly beneficial for students who want to complete their Matric in this way, as not all prospective matriculants have the time or resources to complete their studies full-time at a public or private school. Doing your Matric online or through distance education is definitely possible, but you will need to work very hard and educate yourself on what you need to do to succeed.

Do I need to register with the Department of Education for distance learning?

If you want to pursue distance learning, either as a student or as a parent or guardian who wants their child to do so, you have to register through the head of your provincial education department for the first three phases of school (Foundation Phase / Grade 1 to 3; Intermediate Phase / Grade 4 to 6; Senior Phase / Grade 7 to 9). Registration for distance learning for the National Senior Certificate (Grade 10 – 12) is primarily done through SACAI and its affiliates. The curriculum for the National Senior Certificate is standardised across all three main UMALUSI-accredited assessment bodies (SACAI, the Department of Basic Education, and the Independent Examinations Board), which means that you or your child are not necessarily advantaged or disadvantaged in a particular way when choosing one over the other.

What do I get when I register with Elroi Academy for distance learning?

Elroi Academy does not leave you in the dark when it comes to providing support and resources during your learning journey. We offer a comprehensive suite of support options for students who wish to pursue distance learning (whether for Grade 8 and 9 or the National Senior Certificate, which covers Grade 10 to 12). When you register with us, you can rest assured that you will get the full support you need to help you succeed in your academic career. We can offer you the tools to work your way towards reaching your full potential in your schooling career. Below are some of the ways in which we help you.

· Online courses are fully up-to-date and in line with the current curriculum.

· Self-grading exercises allow you to test yourself and measure your results.

· Our constant online support offers the assistance you may need and answers all your questions.

· Online assessments allow us to measure your progress and offer you support according to your specific needs.

· We provide regular reports to ensure consistent feedback is given on your progress.

· We register you with SACAI for the National Senior Certificate and do all the administrative work to register your for the Grade 12 Final Examination with SACAI.

You can learn more about Elroi Academy by clicking here or contacting us for more information.

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