You Should Upgrade Your Matric Results

We are often told that second chances do not exist (or at least are very rare). Not only is this sentiment untrue, but it is also dangerous in that it discourages people from getting back on their feet after being knocked down and trying again. If you wrote your Matric exams and failed or did not get the marks you needed to gain admission into a university, it is not the end of the road for you. Now, more than ever, you have a chance to affirm to the world (and yourself) what you are truly capable of. Being dissatisfied with your Matric results may give you the motivation and the opportunity to retake your exams and upgrade your results to reflect your true potential. Elroi Academy is here to help you.

The benefits of upgrading your Matric results

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to upgrade your Matric exam marks, there are many benefits to consider. Below is a short list of the advantages of rewriting your final exams.

· Potentially improved marks. You are not guaranteed to improve your marks if you decide to rewrite a few of your subjects, but it is certainly possible if you prepare and are dedicated to studying hard.

· University acceptance. If you manage to achieve better marks, you can ensure the status on your National Senior Certificate to potentially grant you provisionary university acceptance is changed.

· You don’t have to retake all your subjects. You can rewrite only one or two subjects if you want to.

· You can add subjects you didn’t have previously. This will take extra work if you are unfamiliar with the subjects, but it can increase your chances of getting accepted to study certain tertiary courses for which those subjects are prerequisites.

· You can combine your results. Your final certificate will only reflect your highest and most recent marks.

· The process can also be completed over more than one year, allowing you more freedom.

How to upgrade your Matric results

The process involved to upgrade your Matric results is relatively straightforward. The most difficult part is deciding to upgrade your marks in the first place (studying for the exams and rewriting your subjects is not easy, but it will be much more challenging if you are not committed to doing it in the first place). To get started, you will have to register for exam rewrites through your service provider or directly with the Department of Education. Only the department of education allows rewriters to register with them directly.

If you choose to upgrade your results through Elroi Academy, we will assist you every step of the way with full online courses, online support, advice, and assessments to ensure that the marks you get are an improvement on the marks you received with your first attempt. We will provide you with as much support as you will need, but it is your responsibility to do all the assessments and to study hard for the rewrites, to ensure that you are successful in the exam.

You can find out more about the costs and registration process for upgrading your Matric results by clicking here.

[PR1]You cannot register directly with SACAI or IEB. Only the department of education allows rewriters to register with them directly.

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  1. If a person wrote IEB matric. Can they now rewrite a completely different subject? Does the person have to rewrite IEB ?

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